Pastor Sylvester aka S.L.O.G

Sylvester Daka aka S.L.O.G is a passionate minister of the Gospel who believes his role in the music industry is to translate and blend many teachings by his Pastor and Man of God Pastor Choolwe into Music.
In this way he actively participates in spreading the Gospel through the medium of music and thereby making every life a story of Goodnews.
Born again at a tender age and being actively involved in ministry, SLoG also realized his love for music at a tender age.
“But As For Me” is his first of the many songs to be released, It’s a Hip pop gospel single that was inspired by one of the teachings by Pastor Choolwe titled BUT AS FOR ME – The Resoluteness Of Our Life In Christ.
Sylvester Daka is also a Pastor in Gospel Envoys’ Church, an MBA student and a Payroll consultant.


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