Am Blessed


God is living in me
Abiding permanently
Am alive it’s a testimony
Ninsona new Glory

Nalikwata Zoe
Am a blessing

Napipalwa ine
I lay up Gold as dust

Verse 1

Intentional God
Nobody is bigger than
Dependable dependable God
Nobody is greater than you
Omniscient God

Your name is Yaweh you are Holy
Omnipresent God
Your name is jireh King Of Glory
Omnipotent God

Lord the beautifier
The blesser the big buyer
Ure God
all by yourself
You have in your hands the weldi

Verse 2

Diameter Smile walk ya Nfumu
Amapalo yalankonka ne Nfumu
Oooh yah infact the think is
Am a success to begin with

Good things Efili pa que
nafikonkana nga pq
Ine ukubako apa only God New
Nine miracle mu full view

Joy pakachelo ni personal to holder
Sadness iyo muli cold shoulder
Nah nshilinga nefyakuwayawaya
Nalibako busy na yesu Messiah

Verse 3

He lives in me yesu messiah
Yep nobody can quench this Fire 🔥
Arise and shine Glory naisa
Nga tenomba ninshi nilisa

I have been Lavishing life lyonse ili
Pali Bonse ninebo ndi chosen
Am in charge citizen of Heaven
Amalumbo mwelesa sendeni

Am using the first flight ✈️
In abundance I gat Devine health
Am living the best life
In Christ
This is how it feels like

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