Amalumbo – King LARRY’s

Amalumbo ka Nkupele (Praises I give you)Lesa Katebebe(God the one who reigns above all)Tawatala nshapo neka (you who never leaves me nor forsake me )Walimpala na favour Ilankonka (You have blessed me and Favour is always in my path)

Lesah uyu Tawanshapo forsaken (This God has never forsaken me )Yawila yawila kumwine wa chalo na heaven (Praises Praises to the creator of the universe )

JubilationAt this point I’m certain wanna make a confession Providence is an addiction Am addicted 
Loving it like this supernatural love in abundance To much Grace enjoying life daily Bliss 
On a daily basis happiness affiliated From me yah am a Green tree ever  Higher life activated (I only live a higher life)

Verse 2

Ndeitungafye ama verse (I’m focused on the word)Shonongo shokwa I care less (The devil doesn’t like seen me progress )Nje bring it on iweh no mercy (No matter what he throws at me I’ll thrive )Nlemulangapo curtesy (I’ll not just sit and do nothing )
Naibaula (I look at any situation)
Iyi ni devid Goliath Type So No need to panic(Like a David and Goliath fight , David alredy worn Jesus overcame I’m walking in victory)Naliwisha kale giant  (I’m a David who already killed a giant)Naba nalesa (I have God in me )
Am an stoppable too muchyUnbreakable yama Conclusion twaliwina kale Pachalo ndi umuchele (conclusion is I have already worn And I’m the salt of the world)
Verse 3
Ama serve God no plan B to be scheduled Pride disabled He’s purpose
Ndeizimolela (I’m at peace)Apapanga yakwe Ndeya (Welcoming Gods plans )chilolwela He’s plans to proper me Nokumpela future (Koz hes given me a beautiful future)
And I like it Ninkwata na permit Ndesungulukilafye pa (I’m in the midst of he’s presence) Yamucheni chakwe ni no quitI admit (He covers me so I’ll never quit )

Outro…Mupashi wamushilo ladies and Gentlemen

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