I live for you


Oh my God this is army of believers, Christ inspired tunes

Fresh sounds did it (producer tag)


You the air that i breathe, the one that i need

Olu ala me give you praise

And I am down on my knees

you the king of kings

olu ala me give you praise

Wherever you tell me to go

I go go

Papa God you go say I de live for you

I de live for I de live for you

Lord I live for you ah aaa…… x4

Verse 1

See whether e be sun up or sundown,

glory be to you oh na na

You deserve it in abundance commander, fyonse ndekabila mwalikwata yeah

What more can I ask oh God when i know that you blessing me!

Without your mercy oh God I know they would never be “me”

Nikumbuka nenze nobody mwani imya mwani suka mwani kwezeka

So sinizankala so chabe niza enda kuli konse kwe mufuna nah!

Verse 2 (Cindy Gold)

You are the vine yes! I am your branch

You speak I hear

You lead, Lord I fellow

The air I breathe the life I lead

You speak you lead

You speak and I am the echo

Verse 3

To worship you I live, in you Lord I believe

The author of my Faith, I never stop believing

You put my life together, my spirit lives forever

You never sleep nor slumber, my ever present help

I live to praise the king of kings, I live to praise the Lord of Lord

I came and paid my ransom, To you Lord I belong

Lord Jesus you the way, Lord Jesus you the truth

Lord Jesus you the life, The life that is eternal

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