PERFECTION Lyrics-Sage Reloaded feat. Cecilia Bahaati

1st Verse
Functioning at a new level
New grace new speed-WBS
Keep rising and won’t settle
Look around see the evidence
Come all let’s celebrate
This calls for a celebration
God’s word brought elevation
Blessings  keep manifesting
We keeping on transforming
And our cups overflowing..,

In Him
Am perfected in Him x3

2nd Verse
Our welcome so first flight
We anticipating the first flight
Functioning in phronesis
Am talking of God’s wisdom
Talking divine increase
Supernatural intervention
Fruitful and we multiplied
Divine seeds we’ve grown trees
And bear fruit in every season
We serve God with a great reason
11 Years Anniversary
Impacting lives in every place
Doers of the word we are
Envoys to the core we stand
Above adversities we rise
See how great the Lord’s done

In Him
Am perfected in Him x3

We are on a new level
New grace,new speed
Blessings and Providence
New grace..,

3rd Verse
Believe what God has spoken
Believe in His perfection
First believe and then possess it
He said in Him we perfect
In Him we find perfection
In Him is life perfected
Nothing missing nothing broken
Possess what you believe
Believe in His perfection..,

In Him
Am perfected in Him x3

S.A to the G.E
Alongside Bahaati

It is what it is
Our lives are made perfect in Him

I pass divine judgement
I Logizomai perfection

Perfection x4
And this Song is Perfect

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