Perfection is something that almost every person sees impossible to attain or be. From a tender age we are taught that no one is perfect and as a result most of us fear perfection. The question then is, should we be afraid of perfection? Absolutely not!!! The first thing we need to know is that perfection is a nature. The Bible tells us that God is a perfect God and that is why we are supposed to be perfect sons and daughters. How you may ask? The answer lies in the very word of God:
Heb.10.14 – For by one offering he hath perfected for ever them that are sanctified. [KJV]
By the sacrifice of the cross we are perfected in Christ Jesus but the determinant factor is how you respond to what God has given you. Perfection is a song that brings to reality how we are to live or respond to that perfect life that God has given us. 

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