What is an Answer you may ask ?

Well An answer can be;

  1. Anything that is said, written, or done as a reaction to a question, statement, or situation.
  2. A solution to a problem or dilemma.

When we Read from John 14:6, We see an account of Why Jesus came, He came as an answer from God to not only save man but reconcile him back to God and thereafter give him access to eternal life.

After this,The Lord Jesus commends us in Matthew 4:14 to be the light to our world, Light brings answers ,it brings clarity, it brings knowing and we as Christians have been accorded and giving a mandate to be these Vessels of Answers for the world through the Gospel of Jesus Christ

In this song, the dual Holy Harry and The Voice amplify this message by proclaiming and announcing that Whatsoever concern man may Face or have, there is an answer and we as Christians have an answer to it through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


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