Song of Victory


This song is God’s word to you.As you listen to it and pay attention to the words, strength, energy, passion, zeal, joy will be stired up in you to arise and live the life God designed for you whether in your health, ministry, finances, career, education, business, family, relationships and any other area of your life; if you are faced with any challenge or you have desires that you have wanted to see fulfilled and you feel it has taken too long…well Now is your time to arise and shine. Refuse for anything to stall or halt in your life, keep your eyes and focus on nothing else but what the word and what God is doing in your life. Sing a song of Victory now…because Your shine is now!


  1. AWWWW!!! What a song,’song of victory’ is indeed a song full of the spirt speaking to the very core of any situation and a reminder that we are victors regardsless of the situation..i’m so blessed.

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