Welcome to the place where your life is made a story of good news.

Congratulations for using this website. Through this website, you will have an opportunity to discover and be ministered to through music and arts from renowned gospel artists such as God’s General, Nayoto, Shachah, Given Emmanuels, K-Dosh, Zion and other anointed artists and ministers of the gospel who have all been raised and mentored by Pastor Choolwe, the Founder and President of the Gospel Envoys.

In this regard, we believe that through the contact that you will have through the music, artists and other materials posted on this website, you will have the unique opportunity to walk in the grace of God at work in the life and calling of Pastor Choolwe, a diligent teacher and mentor who has raised and is still raising notable ministers of the gospel found on this website, who continuously replicate this grace everywhere they go.

We anticipate that you will continually find inspiring music and other arts that will propel you into your destiny and indeed make your life a story of good news.


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